Thursday, August 12, 2010

NBA Trade: Darren Collison, Trevor Ariza and Troy Murphy Switch Teams though NBA free agency is basically over with all the big-names signing new deals after Tracy McGrady signed a one-year deal with the Detroit Pistons, a few teams around the league were still not content with their current rosters as the New Orleans Hornets, Houston Rockets, New Jersey Nets and Indiana Pacers chose to make a blockbuster trade.

The 2 biggest names involved in the recent 4-team trade was Darren Collison and Trevor Ariza. With only one year in Houston and New Orleans, Darren Collison and Trevor Ariza are already on the move as the promising young point guard will be headed to the Indiana Pacers and the defensive minded Ariza will be playing alongside Chris Paul next season.

Despite every team involved in this trade losing very good players, I believe all 4 teams will ultimately get better as a result. Along with Trevor Ariza and Darren Collison heading elsewhere, Troy Murphy, Courtney Lee and James Posey will also be wearing a different jersey next season.

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