Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Los Angeles Clippers Point Guard Situation
The Clippers currently have two point guards on their roster. One is Baron Davis and the other is rookie Eric Bledsoe. For now, we have to assume that Baron Davis will be the starter and that Eric Bledsoe will back him up, but it is possible that it could change. Baron Davis is already 31 years old and could start to show his age.

Baron Davis will likely starts to decline steadily within the next couple of years and the Clippers have put themselves in a perfect situation to let Eric Bledsoe slowly start to take over some of Baron Davis' duties.

Eric Bledsoe played for John Calipari at Kentucky last year alongside John Wall. This is important because Bledsoe played primarily off the ball while he was there.

It may be tougher for Bledsoe to transition to the point guard in the NBA than other players who had been playing the position in college. Bledsoe had been impressive in workouts and looked good against other point guards, but questions remain about his ability to play the point at the next level.

Although Bledsoe playing off the ball in college can be a bad thing it could also be a good thing. If they feel that he is ready to play right away, they could also give him minutes alongside Baron Davis at shooting guard.

Like I said, Eric Bledsoe has experience playing off the ball and could contribute at shooting guard. If Eric Bledsoe can become a true combo guard in the NBA he would be able to see more time on the court in his first couple of seasons.

With only two point guards on the roster one may think that the Clippers should try to sign another guard just for depth and injury insurance however, the Clippers have shown no interest in doing so.

There are several veteran point guards on the market that could be of use for the Clippers, but at this point it seems that they will either sign their second round pick Willie Warren or just keep two point guards.

I expect Baron Davis to get most of the minutes this year and next year, but after that depending on Bledsoe's development rate, he could get the job. The Clippers have a great point guard duo this year, and it looks like they are poised to succeed for year's to come.

Grabbing Eric Bledsoe was an excellent move for the Clippers. He fits well into the team and it is a perfect opportunity. He may not overwhelm people immediately he should be a solid contributor in a few years.

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