Friday, August 20, 2010

NBA : Chicago Bulls making their “moves”
This year’s trade market was one of the busiest as well as biggest in the NBA history. With big names like LeBron James and Chris Bosh moving to Miami Heat, NBA witnessed a lot of buzz lately. Some fans consider the move would be successful whereas others have opposite views. The Miami Heat has come up with big signings, with other teams following its footsteps.

Trying to recapture the days in which they were the only dominating force in the NBA, the Bulls intended to sign LeBron James, who is expected to bring the same royals as Michael Jordan once did. After failing to sign King James, the Chicago Bulls came up signing Carlos Boozer to further boost their talented squad that lacked experience. LeBron joined the Miami Heat that couldn’t manage to get past the first round playoffs. Not only did the Bulls sign Boozer but came up with another amazing signing that strengthens three scoring abilities by bagging Kyle Korver, a three-point specialist from the Utah Jazz.

Not only this, the Bulls also managed to trade away a few players from their squad so that they could rotate the players and every person in the team could play without any conflicts.

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