Friday, June 10, 2011

NBA At 2: Jet Psyching Out LeBron?

Jason Terry

The NBA Finals are truly where legends are born, and after getting off to a slow start in the series Dallas Mavericks guard Jason Terry is starting to look like something of a legend.

After being stifled by the defense of Miami's LeBron James in the first three games of the Finals, Terry started running his mouth, more to get himself charged up than anything else. It worked, too. After saying he didn't believe LeBron could contain him for seven games "The Jet" scored 17 points in Game 4, including the two free throws that iced an 86-83 win for Dallas. He also scored eight of the Mavs' final 17 points, he was just getting warmed up.

Game 5 saw more of the same from Jet, who looked to upstage LeBron at every turn. Despite James' tough defense Jet again came up big in the fourth quarter, scoring eight of his 21 points in the final frame. None were bigger than the three he scored on a trey he somehow managed to drill while LeBron flew in his face, a shot that put Dallas up 108-101 with 33 seconds left and assured them of a 3-2 series lead as the Finals shift back to Miami.

"He played great," said Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle after the game. "He played great. During period where Dirk was out of the game, we were going to him, and he was delivering. Those are critical stretches because it's tough when Dirk is out of the game. But it's the total game that we've been preaching to Jet really since the playoffs began and tonight he did a terrific job."