Thursday, March 29, 2012

Muggsy Bogues Shortest Players In NBA History

Muggsy Bogues

SPORTKU.COM - Muggsy Bogues shortest player in NBA history. Height is indeed one important aspect of the sport of basketball. But in the 90's myth was broken by an NBA basketball player, Tyrone Curtis Bogues.

'Only' with height 165 cm [5 foot 3 inch], he is trying to be like David beat Goliath . Nimble and agile on the field makes the point guard is the mainstay of Charlotte Hornets as the shortest player in NBA history.

At first not many would have thought if the man born in Baltimore, Maryland on January 9, 1965 it will be a star player. Come from poor families often make it difficult to adapt under pressure while hanging out college life.

His past life was so dark. at age 12 he had seen his father in jail due to robbery. "I grew up as hard as you can get it," he told Bruce Newman of Sports Illustrated.

The player with the famous names Muggsy Bogues is starting his professional career for the Washington Bullets and then moved to the Charlotte Hornets. Together with the Hornets he spent the golden ages by bringing the Hornets entered the playoffs for the first time in the season 92/93.

In the season 97/98 he decided to move to the Golden State Warriors club. Injury which struck to make the maximum contribution is not at his new club. And, at the Toronto Raptors he ended his professional career in the NBA.

This time his love of basketball has never faded, he still chose basketball as a cornerstone of his life by becoming a coach for the Charlotte Sting, one of the WNBA club. Posture and walks of life who are drawbacks seem to be a reason for him not to continue flying through the air.


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